7 Creative Travel Guide Books

When we think of keepsakes from our travels, we think of the images we take or the meaningful souvenirs we purchase. Guide books are often discarded after use, left behind to save luggage space for more important mementos. Here are seven creative guide books you’ll want to hold on to long after your trip is over.

1. Illustrated City Guides by Victionary




Not only do these make for great collectibles, just looking at them inspires a serious case of wanderlust.

2. The Fashion Insiders’ Guides




Travel guides for fashion girls. There are only two guides in this series but they provide insider shopping tips to two of the worlds oldest fashion capitals-what more do you need?

3. The Cycling Guides by Rapha 


Pocket sized guides to Europe’s top biking cities.

4. Herb Lester Associates

These fun and specialized guides aim to tell you how to enjoy a city. Need a guide to Paris’ speciality shops or London’s best pubs? They have it all.


5. Weird and Wonderful Guides by Le Cool


These guides aim to help you discover all of a city’s cool backstreets and wonderful secrets.

6. All You Can Eat Guides



Brooklyn-based all you can eat guides take the guest work out of the best eateries in the city. Broken down by food type. Looking for NYC’s best ramen or Paris’ best croissants? These are your guides.

7. The Design Guides



These guides work as both “a city guide and designer directory”. If you travel in search of cool art, fashion and design, pick up one of these guides.